Web3 User Acquisition Revolution: Low-Cost Web3 Targeted Ads by Mirror World

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Mirror World, the leading Web3 development platform, has partnered with Meetsocial,Asia’s largest Ads growth agency, to provide User Acquisition Advertising solution for Web3 games. These solutions focus on Google Web3 Ads, including Audit & Analysis, Keyword Optimization, Icon & Screenshot Enhancement, and Player Acquisition campaigns. all aimed at cost-effectively acquiring Web3 players.

With Mirror World’s solution, Web3 games can find Web3 users in a network of 2.6 million apps on 10 billion devices worldwide. Our Revenue Conversion Engine helps you predict the Lifetime Value (LTV) of every possible user to acquire “whales” wherever they are. Mirror World has powered over 30 large gaming studios and 2000 independent games to be established as the first Blockchain Gaming Conversion Engine.

Meetsocial is the top agency for UGC mobile ads. Meetsocial manages more than $4 billion in annual ads spending, providing ad user acquisition for 3,000 gaming companies, and is trusted by Tencent Games, NetEase Games, and Hoyoverse.

In blockchain games, Mirror World and Meetsocial to achieve lowest-cost Web3 user acquisition. Convert through optimized downstream channels. Convert unengaged users to consumers with the right market testing and data-driven messaging. With Mirror World’s expertise, Web3 casual game <Mirrors Jump> costs only $0.1 per user to download.

NFT Games was approved for Google Play in July, and Google Ads began accepting NFT Games ads in September. All of this demonstrates the growth potential of Web3 games and the vast potential of targeted Ads. For more information, visit mirrorworld.fun, or connect with us on Telegram: @robinn_eth / @chrizhuu. You can also reach us via email at chriszhu@mirrorworld.fun / huangkejian@mirrorworld.fun.

CONTACT: Chris Zhu

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