CGA successfully ends IDO and sets sail for a new era of AI supercomputing

United States, 4th Oct 2023, King NewsWireCondor Galaxy AI System, the global leader in AI computing power services, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the first round of IDO and officially set sail into a new era of AI supercomputing.

CGA’s first round of IDO was a huge success, attracting investors and digital innovators from around the world. Proving its outstanding position in the field of digital intelligence and computing power. The successful fundraising from this round of IDO will be used to accelerate CGA’s global expansion and strengthen its computing power network to meet the growing needs of the digital economy and artificial intelligence.

The funds raised from this round of IDO will be used to further improve and expand CGA’s computing power network to meet growing demand. In addition, the successful conclusion of IDO also marks that CGA has entered a new stage, opening up new possibilities in the field of digital economy and artificial intelligence.

A new era of digital intelligence

CGA has always been an advocate of digital intelligence. Its decentralized computing network connects distributed resources around the world, providing efficient and low-cost computing resources for AI companies and digital economy companies. With the end of IDO, CGA has officially entered a new era of digital intelligence, actively promoting the revolution in artificial intelligence and supercomputing.

Digital intelligence has become one of the core driving forces of modern society. In this new era, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis and automation technologies have profoundly changed our lives, work and business models. Digital smart technologies not only accelerate innovation in various fields, but also bring unprecedented opportunities to the global economy.


In this new era, computing power is not only the key to digital intelligence, but also the lifeblood of the digital economy. From smartphones to self-driving cars, from medical diagnosis to financial forecasting, powerful computing resources are needed to support complex data processing and decision-making. However, traditional computing resource supply chains often face inadequacies, high costs, and inefficiencies.

It is in this context that CGA emerged, providing new solutions for the new era of digital intelligence through its decentralized global computing power network. The network not only connects distributed computing resources around the world, but also uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of transactions. This enables the application of digital intelligence to be more efficient, achieve cost savings, and have unlimited potential.

CGA’s computing power network constructs a perfect integration of on-chain consensus and off-chain computing, which means that even in the face of the most complex computing tasks, the capabilities of multiple computing nodes can be efficiently utilized. This unique model is revolutionary in a new era of digital intelligence and is expected to accelerate innovation in a variety of fields, from automated manufacturing to healthcare and financial services.

Join the computing power mining activity

CGA officially starts mining on October 3. CGA’s computing power mining activities will provide participants with opportunities to participate in the global computing power network and obtain generous returns by sharing computing power resources. This will be an unprecedented opportunity to help you prepare for the wave of digital intelligence and realize your digital vision.

Construction of a global computing power network

CGA’s global computing power network is supported by blockchain technology and has built distributed computing nodes to achieve the perfect combination of on-chain consensus and off-chain computing. This unique model enables CGA to provide users with a steady stream of computing power services, and can efficiently handle no matter how huge the computing tasks are.

CGA’s computing power network consists of distributed computing nodes around the world. These nodes act as providers of computing resources and achieve a high degree of scalability by sharing computing power. This means that no matter how much computing power a user needs, the network can meet the demand without the need for a huge single data center.


It adopts the model of on-chain consensus and off-chain calculation. On-chain consensus ensures the security and verifiability of transactions, while off-chain computing nodes can combine the computing power of multiple nodes through concurrent programming without being restricted by the consensus algorithm. This model enables the network to provide efficient computing power even when facing complex artificial intelligence and data analysis tasks.

CGA’s global computing power network represents the future of the digital intelligence era, paving the way for the development of the digital economy and artificial intelligence. We believe that computing power is the cornerstone of the digital future, and CGA provides unlimited possibilities for innovators around the world. We will continue to be committed to pushing the frontier of digital intelligence and building a digital world full of hope and opportunity.

Under the leadership of CGA, we are entering a new era of AI supercomputing and contributing to the construction of the digital future. Whether you are a digital innovator, a founder of the digital economy, or an advocate of digital intelligence, CGA will be your indispensable partner.


Let us create the future together, maximize the potential of digital intelligence, and contribute to global innovation, development and prosperity. CGA helps your digital intelligence vision become a reality!

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