Kinetex Widget Announcement

Exciting news!

Dubai, UAE, 14th November 2023, The development team has been working hard to launch a Kinetex widget. This innovative meta cross-chain swap widget enables you to swap thousands of crypto assets between EVM-compatible networks within the same app, even offline!

One of the primary advantages of using the new widget is the liquidity it provides. Kinetex provides access to over 200 different liquidity sources, including bridges, DEXes, protocols, and market makers. Regardless of the rarity of the tokens you want to swap, Kinetex ensures that you can do so easily by providing sufficient liquidity for a wide range of crypto assets.

The second advantage is accessibility. Kinetex has a simple and all-in-one interface, enabling users to swap assets and manage their crypto portfolios effortlessly, no matter if they are experienced users or beginners.

The next advantage is security, which the team has prioritized during widget creation. The first version of Kinetex’s widget was designed to require more than five permissions to ensure user safety. However, the next version will have full automation without compromising security! Moreover, Kinetex intentionally does not have its own wallets and does not store your funds, even for intermediate stages of swaps. Such an approach means that all intermediate crypto assets will remain in your wallets throughout multi-part swaps, providing additional assurance that they will not be lost.

Additionally, the Kinetex team makes the code of the front-end part public and available for review. That way, the community can be sure of the quality and safety of the Kinetex products!

The Kinetex widget currently supports eight networks, and the team is working on adding more to ensure cross-chain solutions for over 5,000 tokens and coins.

The team is thrilled for you to try the Kinetex widget out!

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