Cyber Monday Sale on CableCreation USB C to USB B Cable!

United States, 1st Dec 2023, King NewsWire This USB B to USB C cable from CableCreation is known for stable connection and high-speed data transfer. Connecting printers, scanners, MIDI controllers, or keyboards to desktops or laptops is effortless with this cable. The hose side of the cable is a USB C connector and the target side is a USB B 2.0. This multifunction cable has a sleek look that makes homes or office spaces look better.

Key Features of CableCreation USB C to USB B Cable

The astounding features of this USB C printer cable are bound to compel anyone. Here is a sneak peek of the top features.


High-Speed Data Transfer

This cable can transfer data at a speed of up to 480 Mbps. The transfer speed is much faster than Wi-Fi, which works excellently for MIDI controllers or MIDI keyboards. The MIDI cable to USB C cable delivers great syncing performance to make music recording more efficient.

Combination of Printer and MIDI Cable

Besides a MIDI cable, it doubles as a USB C printer cable to connect a wide range of printers to computers or laptops. The USB C side of the cable is compatible with a multitude of devices, such as Dell, MacBook, iMac, Asus, Surface, Chromebook, Matebook, and many more. 

It eliminates the need for buying two separate cables to connect printers and MIDI controllers. Various music equipment like electric keyboards, sound cars, drums, DJ controllers, etc, can also use this cable with no issues.


High-Quality Build

This USB C to USB B cable from CableCreation has a five-layer construction. The core is the tinned copper conductor layer with aluminum shielding. The braids improve the durability of the cables and the PVC jacket shields everything. Due to superior transmission capabilities, EMI/RFI noise will be the lowest.

Granite-Like Stability

The connectors of this cable are gold-plated to ensure the highest stability and connection efficiency. The gold plating on the connectors is also resistant to micro-scratches and regular wear. The struggle of fixing the connectors over and over again is gone with this MIDI cable to USB C cable.


Easy to Use

A simple plug-and-play cable reduces a lot of hassle. Inserting both connectors into the right ports is enough to give superior stability and peace of mind. The protective PVC jacket also prevents the cable from tangling. With no tangles, the cable will last for longer than regular cables.

Varying Cable Length

Four length options are available for this USB C printer cable. They are 3.3 ft, 6.6 ft, 10 ft, and 15 ft. Whether you want something compact for high portability or a long cable to suit your office, CableCreation offers them all.

Why CableCreation USB B to USB C Cable Is Different?

  • The cable isn’t the only thing CableCreation offers. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You get plenty of time to test the cable and return it if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Even after that, the cable is backed with a 24-month replacement warranty. All these show how confident CableCreation is with its cables.
  • This affordable cable is on par with the most premium cables on the market in terms of quality. Why spend more when you get the same value for a lower cost?

Save Money on USB B to USB C Cable!

The regular price of this cable is $12.99. But CableCreation announced their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. During these events, the cable will be available at a 24% discount, which cuts the price down to $9.89. Getting such a useful cable at this price is a steal.

You can save more with the regular monthly event where the price drops up to 50% on the 1st and 2nd of every month. Head to the CableCreation flagship store on Amazon to avail of this exciting offer.

Order Your USB B to USB C Cable Now!

Hurry up and add your cable to the cart right away! The clock is ticking and the discount is on its way to fade. Grab this amazing USB C to USB B cable now at a stunning price!


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