Author Lisa Lynn Shares A Gripping Dual Saga of Empowered Women in Historic Fiction

Joshua, TX, – Esteemed author Lisa Lynn announces the release of her latest literary masterpieces, Call Me Charlie and Dark Whispers. These novels usher readers into a mesmerizing journey through the annals of history, where resilient characters struggle with challenges and adversities.

Call Me Charlie, Lisa Lynn’s venture into the world of historical fiction, transports readers to rural New York state in 1875. The narrative takes place in the fictional town of Shady, near New York City, where the protagonist, Charlie Smith, an indomitable woman doctor, goes on a quest to solve her father’s murder. 

The story examines the complexities of family, inheritance, and the struggles faced by women in male-dominated professions, taking place amidst common medical emergencies of the time. Dedicated to women who defied societal norms to become pioneers in medicine, the book discusses themes of female empowerment, a riveting tale of determination and resilience. With a compelling cast including Charlie Smith, her father Charles Wentworth Smith, Uncle Raymond, and Aunt Margaret, Call Me Charlie promises rich drama, romance, danger, and humor.

In Dark Whispers, Lisa Lynn takes readers to the untamed wilderness of 1875 Montana, where the protagonist, Abby Markham, contends with survival, resilience, and the pursuit of justice. The narrative transpires through a series of chapters, revealing the intense psychological struggle of Abby as she seeks to escape her captor and overcome the trauma inflicted upon her. The story explores justice, survival, and resilience, creating a gripping historical drama and suspense tale.

Lisa Lynn brings a unique blend of experiences to her writing and infuses authenticity into her narratives. Her passion for travel and exploration of unusual locations sets the stage for her historical fiction. Lisa Lynn’s novels feature strong and intelligent characters in a drama, romance, danger, and humor-filled world. Call Me Charlie and Dark Whispers offer readers an engaging experience, combining in-depth research. 

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About the Author

Lisa Lynn, an accomplished author residing in Texas, has emerged as a prominent voice in historical fiction. With a background in emergency medical services and forensic science, Lynn’s narratives are infused with authenticity, portraying strong and intelligent characters. Her books are a harmonious blend of drama, romance, danger, and humor, set in unusual locations and historical periods.

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