NAV’s Bold Move: Pioneering Structured Investment Products in the DeFi Arena

Road Town, BVI, 7th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Integrating DeFi advancements with traditional financial knowledge, NAV brings a new standpoint for DeFi and traditional fund investing. Through a strategic partnership combining Digits Capital’s market expertise with Open Hedge’s technological acumen, NAV delivers sophisticated, quantitatively driven investment products. Since it embraces its role as a regulated quantitative hedge fund, NAV injects an unmatched level of prestige and security across its offerings.Great waves of excitement surround NAV as it announced the successful conclusion of its latest seed funding round, securing $2 million at a $20 million pre-money valuation. Over 50 renowned angel investors contributed to this funding milestone, including high-profile names such as DCF God, Crypto Yield Info (CYI), Garlam and Virtual Bacon from M6 Alpha, along with notable figures like Yieldfarming, CBB0FE, Small Cap Scientist, and CJ from C4. United in their support, these investors back NAV’s vision to transform the DeFi sector.

Signature Offerings: NAV’s Structured Investment Products

NAV’s offerings are predicated on its Structured Investment Products (SIPs), which contain an assortment of Ecosystem specific strategies, customised to particular blockchain environments, and delta neutral quantitative based strategies like NAV’s Funding Arbitrage SIP. 

Empowered by in-depth quantitative strategies, the Funding Arbitrage SIP exploits discrepancies in funding rates between multiple exchanges, offering investors a delta-neutral investment opportunity to generate consistent and stable returns. NAV pinpoints and exploits market inefficiencies utilizing advanced automation and real-time data. Ecosystem SIPs offer focused investment prospects in nascent chains like Eigen Layer and Bera Chain to optimize returns via strategic capital allocation and leverage.

Investors begin by depositing USDC, receiving tokens representing stakes and opening further composable DeFi opportunities. Flexibility in redemption and seamless USDC conversion mirror the strategy’s value. Fee structures balance innovation and rewards, enhancing strategy and staker benefits. Staking amplifies rewards, with longer commitments yielding greater benefits.

Examining the Unique Value Proposition of NAV

The brain behind NAV, founder Digits Capital, points out that the main mission is to make sophisticated investment strategies accessible beyond the traditionally wealthy circles – a dream shared by many who wish to enter this exciting sector:

 “Everybody should have a proper, real chance in DeFi. This is why we simplify difficult financial possibilities and democratise their access. ” 

Balancing two seemingly competing industries, NAV found a common ground between DeFi and traditional hedge funds. Deep market insights and strategy from Digits Capital and Open Hedge’s technical supervision form NAV’s foundation. With superior analytics and strategic automation, this cooperation makes NAV a pioneer in high-yield DeFi products.

So, What’s Next for NAV? 

As it expands and grows, NAV instates its position as a frontrunner in the decentralized financial industry. Fulfilling its mission to provide sophisticated, structured institutional grade investing options to clients throughout the globe. 

Regulatory compliance and inclusiveness as a BVI registered hedge fund are the fundamental pillars of NAV’s approach to DeFi investments as the company works to expand its range of Structured Investment Products.

Visit NAV’s website to explore its unique offerings, the brains behind its operations, and how they turn sophisticated investment strategies into accessible opportunities for all.

About NAV

As an innovative DeFi platform, NAV developed safe, high-yield Structured Investment Products by incorporating quantitative hedge fund tactics with decentralized finance’s inventiveness. 

Offering regulated Structured Investment Products, NAV sets new standards in secure, high-yield investment opportunities in the DeFi space. Step by step, committing to regulatory compliance, NAV innovates for a stable and accessible decentralised future.

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