“I am currently on a break and working on myself” – Young Indian CEO Rishabh Jain reveals to the Media

Steering clear of the media for a while, RJ breaks his silence on his future plans.

India, 9th Mar 2024, King NewsWireRishabh Jain aka RJ, a renowned Indian entrepreneur and former CEO of Shiftal, has been noticeably absent from the media spotlight since stepping down from his executive role at Shiftal. Speculation has been rife about his next move in the startup industry, but in a recent interview, Rishabh revealed that he is currently taking a hiatus to focus on personal development.

In the interview, when questioned about his plans for a comeback to the startup scene with another unicorn venture, Rishabh candidly shared that he is prioritizing self-improvement at the moment. “I am currently on a break and working on my shortcomings and emotional mentality,” he stated. “It’s essential for me to address these areas so that I can avoid the mistakes that occurred with my first startup.”

Shiftal, under Rishabh’s leadership, emerged as one of India’s top 5 blockchain companies, gaining significant traction in the country’s financial sector. However, the past year has been tumultuous for the company, marked by controversy and media scrutiny. Following intense public backlash, Rishabh was pressured to resign from his position as CEO by the Shiftal board.

Since then, Rishabh has maintained a low profile, refraining from disclosing his future plans to anyone. Despite speculation about his return to the startup arena, Rishabh remains focused on his personal growth journey.

Rishabh Jain is renowned not only for his entrepreneurial acumen but also for his ethical integrity. However, his unwavering commitment to doing what is right has occasionally led to challenges with investors. Nonetheless, Rishabh’s ethical superiority has made him an exemplar of principled leadership in the startup ecosystem.

As Rishabh continues to navigate his personal journey of growth and introspection, the startup community eagerly awaits his next venture, confident that his experiences and learnings will pave the way for yet another transformative contribution to the industry.

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