ABR Electric Partners with Generac to Bring Premier Services Near Prosper, TX

ABR Electric proudly serves as an Authorized Dealer and Installer, extending its electrical services throughout Collin County, from Allen to Wylie. This broad service area establishes ABR Electric as the go-to expert for electrical solutions within the county. Partnering with Generac Power Systems, ABR Electric brings reliable power services to the Prosper community, forging a path towards a future where sustainable solutions minimize downtime and enhance reliability against power outages.

McKinney, Texas, United States, 11th Mar 2024 – Situated in the heart of Northeast Texas, where the weather can turn in an instant, ABR Electric, located at 1971 Univ Business Dr #106, McKinney, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Generac, a leader in home standby generator solutions. This alliance is poised to offer unparalleled protection to the Prosper community and its neighbors against the unpredictable and often severe weather events that characterize the region, including tornadoes, lightning strikes, and most recently, debilitating ice storms leading to widespread power outages.



Generac, a name synonymous with reliability and resilience since 1959, has been instrumental in ensuring that households and businesses maintain a continuous power supply, even under the most extreme conditions. 

By integrating Generac’s state-of-the-art standby generators, this initiative aims to provide the Prosper area with a robust defense against the sudden and often severe power outages brought on by Northeast Texas’s notorious weather patterns. This collaboration not only signifies a commitment to maintaining daily life without interruption but also instills a sense of security and preparedness within the community, ensuring that residents can face the unpredictability of Mother Nature with confidence.

Generac’s Pioneering Backup Power Solutions

Generac Power Systems offers a diverse range of generators, from the PowerPact™ 7.5 kW for homes to the Protector Series for larger properties and businesses, addressing various energy needs. With features like Mobile Link™ Connectivity, users can check their generator’s status from anywhere, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Made in the USA, these generators are built for reliability and low maintenance, supported by a 5-year warranty.

Since its inception in 1959, Generac has been a leader in backup power, providing a comprehensive selection of products for portable, residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Known for innovation and quality, Generac is the top choice for 8 out of 10 homeowners looking for standby generators. Its extensive product range, including the Guardian® Series and EcoGen, is engineered for seamless operation during outages, emphasizing Generac’s role in keeping homes and businesses running smoothly. The inclusion of Mobile Link™ Connectivity across all home standby generators further showcases Generac’s commitment to innovation, offering remote monitoring for user convenience and enhanced customer support available around the clock.

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

To become an authorized Generac installer,  an electrician company has  to pass rigorous requirements set by Generac, ensuring the highest standards of safety and proficiency. These criteria include:

Intensive Training and Certification: ABR Electric’s technicians have undergone comprehensive training and certification through Generac’s programs, product installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This ensures every installation is executed with precision, adhering to the safest and most effective practices.

Electrical Licensing: ABR Electric’s team consists of professionals who hold the necessary electrical licenses or certifications, mandated by local regulations. This not only legalizes their practice but also reassures clients of their capability to handle complex electrical tasks, including the installation of standby generators.

Proven Experience: The experience ABR Electric brings to the table, especially in electrical systems and backup power solutions, sets a solid foundation for handling Generac products, known for their reliability and efficiency.

Insurance and Compliance: Upholding the highest safety standards, ABR Electric is fully insured, providing a layer of security against potential risks. Compliance with all local codes, safety regulations, and industry standards is a cornerstone of their operation, ensuring every project meets strict safety criteria.

Ongoing Education: To maintain their edge, ABR Electric’s team engages in continuous education and training, keeping abreast of the latest in Generac technologies, product updates, and installation techniques.

Customer Satisfaction: ABR Electric’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their history of successful installations and positive customer feedback, underscoring their reputation as a reliable service provider.

Authorized Dealer Excellence: As an authorized Generac dealer, ABR Electric not only meets the product knowledge and installation expertise requirements but also embodies the values of trust and quality associated with the Generac brand.

The Team Behind the Services

The pride of ABR Electric is its team of expert electricians, led by James Adams, a Master Electrician with in-depth knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Capable of handling everything from troubleshooting wiring issues to installing wiring in new constructions or large-scale projects, the team showcases ABR Electric’s capability to meet all electrical needs.

Engaging actively with the community and maintaining a dynamic presence, ABR Electric continues to take on new challenges and foster strong connections with clients through various platforms, including their YouTube channel. This approach not only underscores their efficiency but also their commitment to building a brighter future for Collin County.

Media Contact

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Email: support@abrelectric.com

Contact Number: +12146901941

Address: 1971 Univ Business Dr #106, McKinney, TX 75071

City: McKinney

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