A Mother’s Intuition: Autism – A Journey into Forgiveness and Healing, Volumes I and II Offers a Unique Perspective on Raising Special Needs Children

Author Catherine Marinelli-Gagliano, as narrated by Linda Pedreira, takes readers on an insightful journey through the difficulties of parenting special needs children in her latest book, A Mother’s Intuition: Autism – A Journey into Forgiveness & Healing, Volumes I & II. The narrative progresses in a non-chronological order, providing a distinctive glimpse into the life of a parent facing the challenges and triumphs of raising children with special needs.

Marinelli-Gagliano’s writing deviates from the conventional, mirroring the unconventional rhythm of a parent’s journey through the topsy-turvy world of raising children with unique needs. 

The heart of the book lies in its collection of stories that offer readers an in-depth insight into the author’s experiences, particularly her journey of raising a child with autism. While the stories may not adhere to a linear timeline, they are carefully curated to provide readers with a genuine understanding of the complexities involved.

The narrative covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the challenges of dealing with bullying and the dynamics of sports involvement to the crucial aspect of preparing for natural disasters. Each story contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the experiences that shape the author’s life as a parent of special needs children.

The unique format of the book challenges readers to perceive progress in a different light, emphasizing that the journey of raising special needs children is marked by its sense of order and achievement. Marinelli-Gagliano’s approach reflects resilience, forgiveness, and the profound healing that comes from embracing one’s intuition as a parent.

While the first decade is vividly depicted, the narrative now moves to the second book, offering readers a deeper understanding of the author’s life and family dynamics. It reflects the full circle of experiences, encompassing the maturation of her sons, caring for elderly parents, navigating through life’s complexities, and emphasizing the importance of supportive friendships.

The second part of the book expands beyond the special needs community. It details the transformations and challenges faced, discussing crucial moments such as Anthony’s move to Moriches, the author’s journey through bariatric surgery, her recognition at the Muttontown Country Club, and the profound impact of her sons’ confirmation ceremonies on her relationship with her parents.

The stories in the book provide a raw and personal account of experiencing loss, caregiving decisions, health challenges, and adapting to unprecedented circumstances. It includes dealing with the death of her father, putting her elderly dementia mom in a nursing home, and living through the difficulties of COVID-19.

The expansion into broader themes of love, healing, and forgiveness provides readers with a more comprehensive and relatable exploration of Marinelli-Gagliano’s remarkable life.

Catherine Marinelli-Gagliano, also known as Cathy, brings a wealth of personal and professional expertise to her writing. As an Integrated Energy Therapist, Reiki Healer, public speaker, blogger, fundraiser, and now, an author, she shares her family’s 18-year journey with two special needs children, Anthony, Jr. and Michaelangelo. Her commitment to sharing alternative therapies for special needs children is evident throughout the book.

I’m passionate about helping other parents by reaching out and sharing through my life’s experiences,” says Marinelli-Gagliano. 

About the Author:

Catherine Marinelli-Gagliano is a multifaceted individual with a rich background in alternative therapies. Alongside her husband, Anthony, they proudly tackle the complexities of raising two special needs children. Her dedication to sharing their story, along with insights into alternative therapies, has become a cornerstone of her advocacy for parents facing similar challenges.

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