Ingersoll Lockwood Announces Launch of Token, $INGER

Delray Beach, FL, 11th July 2024, Ingersoll Lockwood, a project that pays homage to Q, 17, Digital Soldiers, and everyone seeking to “Make America Great Again,” is introducing its native token, $INGER. With token pre-sale ongoing and scheduled to end on Thursday, July 11, 2024, at 1 PM (UTC), it is an opportunity to join a thrilling adventure through the “Great Awakening” that’s unlike what is prevalent in crypto. The Ingersoll Lockwood team plans to launch an NFT collection with hidden links going down the rabbit hole. 

Ingersoll Lockwood aims to educate the general populace as well as empower researchers in their unwavering quest for truth. The project encourages DYOR, promoting an ecosystem where users make decisions about the project based on personal research. It is a battle of Good vs Evil where potential $INGER owners get to decide which pill to take—Red or Blue? 

Ingersoll Lockwood Token, $INGER 

Ingersoll Lockwood, named after the famous 19th-century author and lawyer of the same name, was designed expressly to support and subsequently incentivize researchers dedicated to uncovering hidden truths. It aims to bridge the gap between modern-day insights and historical context. 

$INGER will fund educational initiatives that foster rational and critical thinking and in-depth research skills. The token and project were launched specifically to ask pertinent “Q”uestions (questions) and decide, without external pressure, what truth is, where it comes in, and what it means. 

$INGER will also act as an incentivization tool. Through a decentralized ecosystem, this token will reward contributors each time they produce well-researched and factual interpretations of Q drops. This incentivization model will foster a community of like-minded people committed to unearthing the truth as well as improving the credibility and veracity of their findings. $INGER will promote community engagement on a deeper level, providing a sustainable and decentralized platform where all truth seekers can collaborate, exchange ideas, critique each other, and respectively challenge diverse perspectives. 

Ingersoll Lockwood Token Project Roadmap and Tokenomic 

The team introduces an ambitious yet highly feasible roadmap split into three phases. Phase 1 featured the project launch, global revolution, journey to 1,700 token holders, and awakening of the digital army. The second phase will feature centralized exchange (CEX) listings, the development of the NFT collection, creation of a larger community of dedicated researchers. A Treasure Hunt game—Q Hunter Game—designed to take players on a QR code-replete adventurous journey is currently in the works.

The final phase will feature the launch of a multi-chain bridge that will enable Flipping the FED with a projected $17+ billion in value. 

With the $INGER token pre-sale currently on and expected to end on Thursday, July 11, 2024, at 1 PM (UTC), there is a maximum token supply of 1.7 billion. According to the team, 83% of the supply has been allocated to the ongoing pre-sale and liquidity pool, the remaining 17% will be allocated to marketing, upcoming CEX listings, and ecosystem/ community development initiatives. 

About Ingersoll Lockwood Token 

Ingersoll Lockwood Token is a project designed to support and reward researchers for actively seeking the truth. With this token release, $INGER will pioneer community engagement, incentivize users, as well as further the pursuit of truth globally. Named after the renowned 19th-century lawyer of the same name, Ingersoll Lockwood is bridging the gap between modern-day insights and historical context. 

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